Written especially for legal professionals, this newly revised and expanded edition is a complete, hands-on guide to the best sites, secrets, and shortcuts for conducting efficient research on the Web. Learn the differences between legal research and fact-finding. Discover the distinction between the "visible" and "invisible" Web and how to find information in each. Learn the nuances of search engines in order to formulate strategies for locating the information you need. And read real-world war stories of how Internet data has benefited other legal professionals.

Since 1999, the authors of this book have trained thousands of people to use the Internet more efficiently in their practice, in hundreds of custom-designed seminars for law firms, bar associations and companies to help legal professionals learn about the latest online research resources.

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Carole Levitt, JD, MLS
Mark Rosch
This book will be released by the American Bar Association's
Law Practice Management Publishing Division
in October 2006.

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"The Lawyer's Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet"

This may be the most user-friendly Internet research book available for legal professionals today!


Chapter 1: Using the Internet for Factual Research
War Stories of Internet Fact Finders
War Story: Drunk Driving
War Story: Case Research and Lawyer Referral
War Story: Immigration Cases
War Story: Weather Evidence
War Story: A Law Librarian's Unusual Search
War Story: The Internet Advantage

Distinguishing Legal Research from Factual Research
Differences in Research Terms
How a Factual Researcher Uses Sources
Judging Sources for Worth and Credibility
When to Use the Internet
Maintaining an Edge over Research
Internet Methodology Checklist
Finding Something Responsive to Your Research
Lack of Documentation on the Free Internet
Internet Source Credibility
Internet Source Credibility Checklist
Free versus Pay Resources
The Myth of the "All-Comprehensive" Database
When to Use Pay Databases
Examples of Pay Database Searches
Examples of Major Pay Databases
When to Use Free Internet Sources
Examples of Searches on Free Sites
Citing Internet Sources
Internet Copyright Issues
Ownership of Digital Rights to Freelance Work: The Tasini Decision
Ownership of Digital Rights to an Author's Works
In-line Linking and Framing
Screen Shots
The Internet and the Entertainment Industry
Copyright Clearance Center
Other Copyright Issues

Chapter 2: Internet Tools and Protocol
Browsers and Favorites
Web Browsers: A Quick View
Pick the Browser that Best Suits Your Needs
Bookmark Your Favorite Sites
Netiquette and Internet Ethics
Internet Ethics

Chapter 3: Search Strategies
Finding It on Line
The Invisible Web
Finding Invisible Databases
Search Engines: Last Resort or First Resort?
Search Strategy Checklist
File Format Searching
Domain Searching
Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Search Tips
Look for the Free Sites!
Save Time with an Auto-fill-in Program
Bookmark Metasites
First, You Google
Try the Google Toolbar
Use a Metasearch Site
Using High-Speed Access on the Road
Use Small Tools for Big Savings
Switch Browsers if You Need To
Tracking Changes Automatically and Setting Up Alerts
Find, Find, Find!
Keeping Informed about Internet Research Resources
Pay Resources
Free Resources
Getting Help: Expert Research Support
When There's No One to Help You, Think Virtual
Let a Librarian Take Control of Your Browser
Free Local Library Reference Services
Pay Library Chat Reference Services
Other Reference Assistance

Chapter 4: Search Tools
Search Engines
Search Engines: A Quick View
Search Engine Limitations
Learning How to Search
How Search Engines Work
Advanced Searches
Indices and Directories versus Search Engines
Our Favorite Search Engines
Spotlight on Google
Finding Video, Audio, and Images
Finding Video
Finding Audio
Finding Images
Finding Extinct Pages and Archived Material
Isn't the Most Current Information Better?
War Story: Using the Wayback Machine
Web Logs
Why Use Blogs for Research?
Searching Blogs

Chapter 5: General Factual Research
Standard Reference Resources
Starting-Point Web Sites for General Research
Dictionaries and Thesauri
Legal Dictionaries
Calculators and Converters
Phone Books
On-line Translators
ZIP Codes
Free Internet Access to Library Databases and Catalogs
News, Periodicals, and Broadcast Media
Don't Forget Your Local Library!
Search Engines for News
News Metasites
Current News
Wire Services
Company Press Releases
Locating Books and Videos
Hard-to-Find and Out-of-Print Books

Chapter 6: Government Resources Online

Government Metasites
Government Publication Sites
Other Useful Government Sites
The Down Side

Chapter 7: Finding and Backgrounding People
Finding versus Backgrounding
Try the Internet First
Backgrounding People
Finding People
War Story: Find Someone without Having a Name
Reverse Searching
Problems with Name Searching
Tips for Name Searching
Privacy Issues
Off-line Searching
Using Web-Based Traditional Resources
Phone Directories on the Web
Thinking Outside the Box to Find and Background People
Consumer Credit Reports
Pretexting with Financial Institutions
Pretexting with Other Institutions
Using a Search Engine
Searching Online Communities
Locating a Picture of a Person
Locating the Dead
Searching with a Mother's Maiden Name
Family Trees
Searching with a Date of Birth
Searching for Classmates (and More)
Validating Social Security Numbers

Chapter 8: Accessing Public Records
Using Public Records for Factual Research
What Are Public Records?
Public Records Vary with Jurisdictions
Public Records Are Now More Public
What's in a Public Record?
"Publicly Available" Information
Privacy and Information on the Internet
The U.S.A. Patriot Act and Privacy
The Video Privacy Protection Act
The Privacy Act of 1974
Public Records Web Sites
Public Records Metasites
Vital Statistics: Birth, Death, Marriages, and Divorce
Professional and Trade Licensing Boards
Court Records and Dockets
Criminal Records
Liens, Judgments, and UCCs
Locating Assets
What's Your Political Persuasion (and Where Do You Work)?
Court Dockets and Pleadings
Using Dockets for Research
Which Courts Have Placed Dockets on the Internet?
Privacy Concerns
Federal Court Privacy Policy on Case Files
Finding Dockets and Pleadings
Commercial Docket Databases
State and Local Court Dockets
Pay Databases for Public Records and Publicly Available Information
Where Do Pay Databases Get Their Data?
Credit Headers, Then and Now
Using Fee-Based Databases for Public Records Research

Chapter 9: Finding and Backgrounding Expert Witnesses
War Story: Enhanced Collaboration
Checklist for Finding and Verifying Experts

  • Checklist Item 1: Develop a Working Knowledge of the Expertise by Reading Books and Articles
  • Checklist Item 2: Review the Expert's Writings
  • Checklist Item 3: Search Free Expert Witness Directories
  • Checklist Item 4: Use Online Directories to Find Trade or Professional Associations
  • Checklist Item 5. Find the Expert's Conference Presentations
  • Checklist Item 6: Join an Online Community to Find Experts' Postings or to Learn About the Topic
  • Checklist Item 7: Review the Expert's Own Web Site
  • Checklist Item 8: Determine if the Expert Has Ever Been Disciplined
  • Checklist Item 9: Find Experts via Jury Verdict Reporter Databases
  • Checklist Item 10: Find the Expert's Deposition Testimony
  • Checklist Item 11: Find Briefs and Cases that Refer to the Expert
  • Checklist Item 12: Locate Academic Experts through University Sites
  • Checklist Item 13: Find Government Experts through Government Reports
  • Checklist Item 14: Use Pay Referral Sites

Chapter 10: Company Research
Checklist for Finding Company Information

  • Checklist Item 1: Review the Company's Web Site
  • Checklist Item 2: Locate the Web Site's URL
  • Checklist Item 3: Google the Company
  • Checklist Item 4: Use Company Directories
  • Checklist Item 5: Use Web-Based Phone Directories
  • Checklist Item 6: Use Product Directories
  • Checklist Item 7: Locate Public-Company Financial Information
  • Checklist Item 8: Locate Private-Company Information in Directories and Credit Reports
  • Checklist Item 9: Search for Current and Archived News
  • Checklist Item 10: Review Secretary of State Records for Registered Agents and Fictitious Business Names
  • Checklist Item 11: Consider Using Pay Databases
  • Checklist Item 12: Find Reported Decisions, Dockets, Verdicts, and Settlements
  • Checklist Item 13: Ascertain Agencies Regulate the Product or Industry
  • Checklist Item 14: Think Outside the Box

Chapter 11: Competitive Intelligence Research
What Is Competitive Intelligence?
Cloak-and-Dagger CI Tactics
Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management
CI Departments at Corporations
CI Departments at Law Firms
Why Use the Internet for CI Research?
Anonymous CI Researching
Your IP Address
Tracking an IP Address
Surfing Anonymously
Sending E-mail Anonymously
Cookies Can Reveal Your Precise Identity
Protecting Yourself
Where Does CI Information Come From?
Web Sites for CI Research
Starting-Point Sites for CI
Using Search Engines for CI Research
News, Alerts, and E-newsletters
Using Industry Watchdogs
Using Government Agencies to Find Business Information
Researching with SIC Codes and NAICS Codes
Locating Researchers in a Targeted Field
Locating CI about Private Companies
Using Creative Sources for CI Research
E-mailing the Experts
Conducting a Links Search
Using Online Community Postings
Searching Opinions, Briefs, Complaints, and Settlements
Finding Confidential Company Information on the Internet
Using CI for Law Firm Business Development
Using Public Records for CI
Searching with Pay Databases
War Story: An Industry-Trend CI Search
Parting Recommendations of a CI Expert
War Story: CI at Amazon.com

Chapter 12: Medical Research
Why Do Medical Research?
War Story: Heart Center Online
Starting-Point Web Sites for Medical Research
Dictionaries and Glossaries
General Medical Dictionaries and Glossaries
Foreign-Language Medical Glossary
Medical Textbooks and Encyclopedias
Anatomy Sites
Sites about Diseases and Procedures
Cancer and Oncology
Heart Disease and Cardiology
Medical Journals and Articles
Hospital Sites
New Medical Developments Sites
Medical Device Sites
Pharmaceutical Sites
Health Professions Sites
Physician Directories
Physician Licensing and Disciplinary Action Sites
Other Health Profession Sites

Chapter 13: Scientific Research
Starting-Point Web Sites for Scientific Research
Computer Forensic Resources

Chapter 14: Environmental Research
War Story: Weather Information
War Story: Sunset Time

Starting-Point Web Sites for Environmental Research
Locating Environmental and Ecological Organizations and Agencies
Weather Information
Sunrise and Sunset Information

Chapter 15: Foreign and International Research
Information about Other Countries
Information about Foreign Travel and Business
Information from Other Countries
Finding Lawyers in Other Countries
Other Related Useful Information

Chapter 16: Law Practice Management and Professional Development
Financial Resources
Marketing Resources
Technology Assessment and Purchase Research
Human Resources: Recruiting, Retention, and Personnel Management
Law-Related Job Search Sites for Employers and Employees
General Job-Search Sites
Continuing Legal Education Sources

Chapter 17: Statistical Research
Statistics Metasites
Judicial Statistics Sites
Crime Statistics Sites
Demographic Statistics Sites
Business, Economy, and Labor Statistics Sites
Foreign and International Statistics Sites
Transportation Statistics

Chapter 18: Transportation Research
Starting-Point Web Sites for Transportation Research
Transportation Acronyms
U.S. Aircraft Ownership and Pilot Registration
Tracking Planes in Flight
Locating U.S. Airports
U.S. Aircraft Safety and Accidents

Chapter 19: Entertainment Industry Research and Intellectual Property
That's Entertainment: Locating Entertainment Industry Sites
Entertainment Research
Consumer Sites: Television and Film
Commercial Trade Databases
Trade Publication Sites
Guild Information
Well-Known Legal Site Reveals Its Hollywood Secret
Music Industry Sites
Phoning Celebrities Overseas
Entertainment Law Employment and Opportunity Sites
The Truly Entertaining (in Other Words, Pure Gossip)
Intellectual Property
IP Web Sites


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